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Los Angeles Skate Spots

Westwood / Century Skate Spots

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West LA:

West LA Courthouse:  Located on the Corner of Santa Monica / Purdue.  Seen in lots of videos this place has a stage about thigh to waist high to do tricks off of and lots of planters to run lines on.  There are a few various stairs but nothing bigger than 5. Wax is recommended but not needed.
Westwood Gap (submitted by Bogle):  Located by Sepulveda / Wilshere ,this site is described as "phat ass two block gras gap wit a rail on the side frontside for regs backside for goofs, also depends on the trick..."
Thank you Bogle...

Hamilton High School:

Century City Bridge:
Located on Avenue of The Stars, there is a few 6 stairs with rails and wide 9's with thick flat rails. Close by one of the 6's is an 8
stair and some 4's and 5's

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