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Los Angeles Skate Spots

Hollywood / West Hollywood

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SkateSpots In Hollywood

Bancroft Middle School:

Located at 6750 Romaine St., Los Angeles, CA 90038  Bancroft has a 7, 4, 5, and 8 stair.  The 8 rail is seen in alot of videos. the landing is a bit rough.  The rail is usually knobbed.



Hollywood High School

located at 1521 N. Highland Ave. Hollywood, CA 90028  On the sunset / orange block across from In&Out there is a 5 and 8 stair on opposite ends of the area. This area is Usually populated with many skaters, most of whom are my homies. On the Highland side of the school there is the infamous 12 and 16. Everyone who's anyone knows that spot.


Metro Station 7:

Located at the corner of Hollywood / Western.  This is a seven stair / rail with a small kink on the end.  Watch out for getting tickets, it is very easy to get a ticket here.

Earthquake Sidewalk Bump Located at Sunset and Western (1/4 block south of Sunset Blvd on Western on the east side of the street.)
Described as it is on the west side of the street on the side of a Carls Jr. there is a blue ledge. The parking lot of Food 4 less has some a little bump, some small manny pads and a little planter gap. Around back where the trucks unload there are two mid shin high ledges that are sort of slanted down hill. Security is quoted as "lax".

Hollywood 16


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